Fight Two The Best Former Amateur Boxer

Boxing’s world in 2017 re-enlivened with the discovery Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux are the professional boxing competation which will come, for fight over the championship super WBO class. Fight will be held in December 9th 2017 at The Theatre in Madison Square Garden di New York City. Lomachenko and Rigondeaux regarded as the two best amateurs in history, with every boxer winning two Olympic gold medals.

In august 6th, Bob Arum state that Lomachenko will fight for the third times at 2017, possibility in 9th or 23rd December. when asked who that the potential choise, Arum sated, '' how many people. Rigondeaux if he answer called Dino (Duva). There is Salido, and the third (Miguel) Berchelt. "Arum also mention Ray Beltrán, however stated that he want take world champion tittled in primary class before potential fighting with Lomachenko.

In August 14th, Arum talked with LA Times and confirm that Rigondeaux or Salido will become the next Lomachenko’s rival. He say if the fight by Rigondeaux be made, possibility will be held in The Theatre at Madison Square Garden and the re-fight that potential with Salido will be held in Los Angeles on August 21st, Arum stated that the both camp are will soon to complete the deal on December 9th.

On September 15th, fight between Lomachenko and Rigondeaux confirmed. Fight between  Lomachenko and Rigondeaux will be held on wight 130 pound. On October 3rd , Arum state there is less than one hundred ticket that available and that event will become the big gate live in the history the Teater. On November 18th, Carl Moretti from the Top Rank say a re-hydra contract clause. The both fighter are agreed for scale at 9 A.M the fight day, where they can’t more than 138 pound. Each fight on line will face punishment more than $ 10,000.

On November 28th, WBA announce that Rigondeaux will lost his title with the weight of a super bantam  if he lost from Lomachenko. President WBA Gilberto Mendoza Jr. Contiou to say if Rigondeaux beat out  Lomachenko, he will have time five days for decide is he will back in the divition or life in  super featherweight class. He express that is special be given cause that fight is 'the important action for boxing'.

After recive that news, Rigondeaux write in the Twitter and say that he is disappointed. Lomachenko and Rigondeaux are two boxer which have the higher boxing skill . the both fighter is the fighter which have technique better and almost same, they always play for beat and not beat. If we look highlights this two boxer, we can see that his boxing like pitted technique with a rival. We can look they play very elegant and difficult. That is make this fight very interesting for boxing fans.