The Right Time to Exercise While Fasting

Hello Fighters! Soon we enter the fasting month, where you have to hold your
appetite and drink for ± 13 hours a day. This makes many people rarely undergo
sports activities during the fasting month because they feel weak and other
obstacles. But do you know when is the right time and can maximize your sports
activities? The following are suggestions for the best time to exercise during the
fasting month of the Hawkeye Team. The Hawkeye Team has been experimenting
when it's the right time to exercise and have good results.

We have tried after Sahoor to do light exercise for 30 - 45 minutes, then 30-60
minutes doing low to moderate intensity exercise before breakfasting and after
breakfasting with snacks and warm sweet tea, we continued with more intense
exercise during 60 minutes.

After doing the two time options, we conclude that the right time and can have a
good impact on your body and do not interfere with your fasting hours before breakfasting and continue after breakfasting. With this, there will be two sessions before and after breakfasting, then here are some sports you can do in the two sessions:

Session 1: Before Break Fasting
1. Shadowbox
2. Jogging
3. Skipping
4. Body weight training (with small to moderate reps)
5. Etc. (with small to moderate reps)

Session 2: After Break Fasting
1. Mitts drills
2. Heavy bag drills
3. Strength & Conditioning workout menu
4. Sprint
5. Body weight training (with more reps than the first sesh)
6. Weightlifting
7. Etc. (with moderate to high reps)