Hawkeye Fightwear® Hawkeye x Darbotz Signature Boxing Glove

Hawkeye x Darbotz Signature Boxing Glove

Product Number : #1117000160
Rp 1,699,000


Hawkeye and Darbotz have collaborated to make this Boxing Gloves for all fighters who fight to survive from this concrete jungle. Rumble In The Jungle is the metaphore of our fight to survive in this city.

 Hawkeye boxing gloves come up with Hawkeye’s new padding foam technology named Flux, and made with Microhawk Premium Leather© and touch of Darbotz signature art for this collection.

• Made with first class material & best quality of Microhawk Premium Leather ©
• Flux Handmade Padding 
• High Quality Stitching with High Quality Control
• Innovative Design with Darbotz Signature Art Touch
• Secure Velcro Strap
• Thumb Lock
• Soft Lining
• Exclusive limited product

• Available in 12oz & 14oz
• Comes with snag-free Velcro® strap

Notes : Measurement error tolerance is 1 – 2 cm


darbotz hawkeye fightwear fightwear darbotz hype boxing glove glove boxing

Category : Gloves - Weight : 4000 Gram

  • Weight 8.6kg
  • Color Yellow, Brown
  • Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Material Nylon, Coton

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